Decatur Tomorrow Accredited Community

Community Contact

Deanna Castle 785-475-3227
Jeff Leitner  785-269-7162

Vision Statement

Decatur County - The cornerstone of Northwest Kansas using traditions and values to build the future.

Action Teams

City Beautification – “City Slickers”, a group of volunteers, works at keeping trash in their neighborhoods picked up. Flowers are planted in downtown planters. The Action Team is working with the committee to landscape the front of the Cinema/Bowling Alley. The newest project is a cattle drive scene (made from “Put-In-Cups”) in a chain link fence directly across from the Museum to coincide with the Museum and Great Western Cattle trail which runs thru Decatur County and is proposed for inclusion in the National Park Service’s trails system.

Recreation Program – This Action Team has been active since a Community Conversation in February 2010. 40 invited leaders of current local activities attended with 20, all ages and backgrounds, signing up with an interest in helping to develop a program with a director and central location for citizens to get information about what is available. A goal is to increase available activities and events of recreation in our county. There has been a board established which consists of representatives of all four public sectors. They are moving forward with all the required steps to become a Recreation Commission through the State of Kansas.

Norcatur Events – Created from the April 2011 Community conversation, the Event Action Team has planned a “Picnic in the Park” with the City Council as co-sponsor, providing supplies for an old-fashioned wiener roast. The public is to bring “potluck”. Rural/City Fire Fighters display will be on Main Street, and local talent will sing, play music, give readings, tap dance, etc.

Norcatur Website – Created from the April 2011 Community conversation, members are in the process of developing a website for Norcatur through Kansas Sampler Foundation, focusing on: people, history, art, architecture, events, businesses and culture. It is expected for the site to be live by Sept. 15.

Healthcare Communication – Formed following the June 2011 Community conversation, this team’s mission is that Decatur Health Systems will provide high quality healthcare for all ages in rural America by caring and sharing from the heart.

Healthcare Recruit/Retain – Formed from the June 2011 Community conversation, the mission is to create a vibrant, stable medical community to serve Decatur County and surrounding area.

Healthcare Positive Culture – Created from the June 2011 Community conversation, this action team’s mission is to establish a process where all people in Decatur County unite to form a positive culture and attitude in our communities.

Sappa Park – Decatur Tomorrow facilitated meetings and communication with the original entities involved, bringing them all together to work toward common goals. This project produced an area for hunters, hikers, bike riders, bird watchers, Frisbee golfers, and campers, for all ages to enjoy year round. In 2011 this Action Team became a City Committee.

Volunteer Network – A major accomplishment of this Action Team was the “Mission at Home” project. Several youth, with adult sponsors, did mission work locally instead of going to another community to do it. The work was done for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Another group was organized to do clean-up at the Sappa Park. The hope was to have a database of names of people willing to volunteer, maintained by the Chamber of Commerce and eventually posted on the community web page.

Marketing and Economic Development – In the first year this Action Team established a foundation for business enhancement. Computers were purchased and placed in the Business Enhancement Center. A plan was developed for a mentoring system to be used by community businesses to learn how to expand their business through the internet. The largest project to come of this original Action Team is the concept of the building of the existing Senior Center/Cinema/Bowling Alley which was completed in late 2010. This team is now a part of Oberlin-Decatur Area Economic Development Corporation

Maximize Existing Facilities – Organization of several classes such as knitting, crocheting, Phillipino cooking, baking, gourmet cooking interior decorating, floral arrangement, jewelry making, pine needle basket weaving, bread making, and meditation using various existing facilities. Through this Action Team ongoing groups meet regularly for some of these purposes.

Leadership Development – This Action Team organized a County Government Day to promote intergenerational interaction and develop community ownership. The Junior class is taken on a tour of the County Courthouse with stops at each department to learn what each area is responsible for. The City Mayor is also involved and explains the City part in our community. This occurred the first time in 2008 and continues annually, now being sponsored by the National Honor Society of Decatur Community High School. Another student involvement in leadership was the destruction/clean-up of the former Senior Center along side community adult volunteers. The Decatur Tomorrow Steering Committee has had a student member since 2008.