Dream Humboldt Accredited Community

Community Contact

Larry Tucker (620) 473-3253 – City Manager

Vision Statement

A Community of faith, Built on family values, Where opportunities flourish. “Come live well and love it!”

Community Goals

  • Housing – A three-year community-wide homebuilding plan resulting in 12 new housing units being built.
  • Business – A net increase of 10% in full-time employees and a 10% increase in businesses, with at least one business with multiple employees and benefits, within 24 months.
  • Downtown Image – Improve downtown image by rehabilitating at least one building and increasing curb appeal in the downtown area.

Youth Goals

Generated by a Youth Conversation and Vision Retreat

  • Life Skills -Create a process for adults to present and teach life-skills to youth, and, if needed, for youth to educate adults (technology, internet, etc.)
  • Youth Coffee House – Establish a profitable coffeehouse/lounge for high school students.
  • Youth Council – Establish a youth council to meet bi-monthly to maintain the youth public square process, similar to the function of the community Steering Team.