Cultivate Fredonia Phase III Community

Community Contact

Jennifer Bacani McKenney –

Vision Statement

Fredonia - A dynamic community committed to progress through involvement, unity, and pride that supports a superior quality of life.

About Us

Fredonia decided to explore the Public Square capacity-building process because it is a place that many citizens are very proud to call “Home.” A group of twenty to thirty year olds, who grew up in Fredonia, have recently moved back to start families as well as careers. This young energetic group coupled with the existing community members decided they wanted to keep their community strong and not watch the population continue to decline.

These community members contacted Public Square to gather more information on how Public Square could help the community. After convening 30 dedicated community members, the group weighed the pros and cons of the process and voted to move forward, committed to making Fredonia a better place to live and work.