Decatur Tomorrow Accredited Community

Community Contact

Deanna Castle 785-475-3227
Jeff Leitner  785-269-7162

Vision Statement

Decatur County - The cornerstone of Northwest Kansas using traditions and values to build the future.

About Us

“Decatur Tomorrow” began following an April 2006 Community Conversation. Prior to the Conversation, Terry Woodbury, President of Public Square Communities LLC, interviewed 43 citizens and met with 7 local organizations. 158 citizens attended the Conversation, which produced 70 improvement ideas, generated 25 community volunteers and nominated 40 citizens to attend an all-day Vision Retreat. The May 2006 Retreat produced a 10-year Vision and 5 goals to be implement by citizen-led Action Teams. Thirteen Team leaders were trained in June and all 5 Teams began working in July 2006.

Decatur Tomorrow envisions Decatur County as “the cornerstone of northwest Kansas using traditions and values to build the future.” The five original goals to achieve the 10-year vision were:

  • A beautiful well-kept Sappa Park with activities for all ages
  • A multigenerational Volunteer Network fulfilling the needs of the community
  • A vibrant Community Foundation supporting economic development and marketing
  • Maximized use of existing facilities (education, recreation, service) attracting regional use and recognition
  • Cultivated and trained Leaders linking all sectors and all generations

Most of these original goals have been fulfilled or incorporated into another group’s activity.

We continue to hold community conversations on specific ideas. Most of our current action teams have come from those conversations.

In April 2011, we held a community conversation specifically about Norcatur’s involvement. That conversation created two action teams.

Healthcare became a critical issue for our community, so in June 2011 Decatur Tomorrow held an “issue-based” Community Conversation on that subject. Over 150 citizens attended, representing all communities of the county.

Besides Community Conversation, Decatur Tomorrow has learned the importance of partnerships. In order to receive tax exempt donations at any time, Decatur Tomorrow looked into creating its own 501©3 Community Foundation. However it made more sense to utilize the existing Decatur Area Fund, Inc, which is classified as a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and create a separate Fund – Decatur Tomorrow Fund.
The objective of the Decatur Tomorrow Fund is to receive and expend funds to encourage and enhance the cultural, social and economic development of Decatur County, Kansas. A donor may provide unrestricted funds to be used to further the objectives of the Decatur Tomorrow Fund, or a donor may restrict funds to any purpose or purposes consistent with the objectives of the Fund. Detailed written instructions from the donor must be obtained for restricted funds (unless the donation is to a restricted fund which is already a part of the Decatur Tomorrow Fund), and the Decatur Tomorrow Fund Committee must approve the acceptance of any restricted funds prior to them being placed in the Fund. All contributions should be by check made payable to “Decatur Area Development Fund, Inc.” with “Decatur Tomorrow Fund” noted in the memo section of the check. An acceptable receipt must be provided to the donor for the donor’s tax records.