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Christy Hopkins – – Community Development Director |

Vision Statement

Greeley County is a vibrant, friendly, innovative, well-planned community with your health and happiness in mind.

About Us

Greeley County, Kansas is a rural, farming community located along the Colorado border. We’re in the heart of the Great Plains, over 150 miles from the nearest shopping mall. We are the state’s least-populated county, yet we boast great services and opportunities. Our community prides itself on nationally recognized, award-winning health care, an open and responsive government, innovative education, and a well-rounded business community.

To an outsider, we look like your average small town in Mid-America. But two years ago, Greeley County was at a crossroads. We were losing population, industry, and school enrollment was falling. Morale was low. The agricultural economy was strained by five years of drought, which had a dire impact on local businesses.

As a local resident said, “We were standing at a cliff, and the slightest breeze would have been enough to send us over the edge.”

Soon, a group of concerned citizens said “enough” and enlisted the help of Terry Woodbury of Kansas Communities, LLC. In November 2005, 166 residents gathered for a community conversation to look at area strengths and find ways to help Greeley County move forward. But they talked about more than jobs, dollars, and growing the tax base. They dreamed of recreation and retirement services and main street revitalization, envisioned a welcoming team to help new residents feel at home. They noted the need for social and ethnic integration, discussed ways to support local healthcare, and brainstormed the consolidation of city and county governments.

Before the night was over, over 70 residents had volunteered for community action teams, and after a focus-defining vision retreat, those volunteers set to work on seven goals to strengthen and build Greeley County.

Greeley County became the first Accredited Public Square Community in 2007 and continues to be highly engaged in related community-building efforts. For more information on projects, achievements, and ongoing initiatives, please visit the Action Teams page.