K-West Phase III Community

Community Contact

Alan Albers – aalbers4@cox.net

Vision Statement

K-West for Growth * Six communities caring enough to come together * Partners in growth * Country living at its finest!

About Us

The Public Square Process in the 6 Western Kingman County communities started with the knowledge by a few local leaders that there was an organization with a proven process that would help strengthen our communities.   It was recognized that these communities had  declined to the point of near death and if they were to re-grow, changes would need to be made for the future.


The initial meetings held in the different communities were well attended and appealed to the idea of being a community development program.   Many of the local leaders were present, with those individuals having a wide view of how to grow and develop their communities.   One such leader even presented to an early group meeting a multi-million dollar farm tourist plan that showed a well documented and extremely detailed plan that would draw participation from all over the country.   The Public Square Process pointed out to us that such a huge plan might be possible in the future but first we must know the make-up and grass root feelings of the community.  At every meeting more people agreed that this process was indeed needed and it could make a start towards improvement.


Through the Public Square process, we have learned the humbling fact that if we do not truly know ourselves (community) , we cannot accomplish a long term plan whether  large or small.  We also realize that this understanding and cooperation may take years to come about.  Again, through the Public Square Process, we started to learn about ourselves, our strengths, our weaknesses, and the importance of our family and community assets that we work and live with.