Tri Hope – Wallace County

Accredited Community

Community Contact

Keith Anglemyer (785) 852-4734 – Pastor, United Methodist Church

Vision Statement

Wallace County is a caring, thriving community where history, education and commerce work together to achieve an exceptional quality of family life!

About Us

Wallace County has been a member of Public Square Communities since late 2004, achieving accreditation in 2008 and re-accreditation in 2010 as Team Wallace County. During that time our community saw many grass roots led improvements including the summer recreation program, Leadership Breakfasts, the development of the South Park and many other projects and communication improvement efforts. The last eight years has featured some highs and lows in this work as our community has faced internal and external pressures which can lead to conflict, volunteer fatigue and lack of time and energy to focus on the “extra” work of community development. The former steering committee for Team Wallace County was the EDA board. Following the de-funding of the economic development office, the board largely disbanded their regular monthly work and leadership for the community development work in Public Square Communities.

Two members of the community began to meet with various groups and boards to try and determine if there was a need to continue in this work. Keith Anglemyer and Chrysanne Grund met with community groups in Weskan, Sharon Springs and Wallace and began to see a recurring theme, a need to look for hope in our communities. Despite the dire predictions of the press, politicians and the painful community pressures of school financing, many members of these communities see much reason for hope in our future. “There are so many people working hard to make a positive change in our communities” said Grund. “We heard about young people returning to raise their families, several new businesses and a general wish to keep working to make things better that it began to be clear we needed to continue.”

Anglemyer and Grund asked for names of nominees who best demonstrated hope and energy in the community and eventually were joined by a group including Brenda Kirkham, Tamara Rohn, Lorelei Gentry, Cindy Anglemyer, Michelle and Steve Schemm, and Joni Pearce to form the new steering committee. They have met now several times and arrived at several goals as they begin working. One of the first was to choose a new name for the community based work to reflect the change in goals and attitudes. They voted to call the work “Tri-Hope”. Tri to demonstrate the importance of our three communities within the county – Wallace, Sharon Springs and Weskan and Hope to show faith in our future.